0023 The Secret to being Super Woman: How to do less and BE more – Katherine Miller

Katherine Miller

In this weeks episode Katherine explains why some women suffer during the transitioning time of menopause. What is the no. 1 menopausal problem women have and what they can do about it. She also explains why, as we are trying to be all things to all people and neglecting our own desires and needs, we find ourselves with no energy or passion for anything or anybody and how we can do less, but be more.

Katherine Miller is a Certified Health Coach, Menopause Guide & Master Chef. She applies her 30 years of experience in leadership development, meditation, yoga, and optimal nutrition to helping women feel great in their bodies so they can be free to be the forces of nature they are. Katherine uses a holistic approach to health, teaching women (and men) healthy habits, skills and practices for mind, body and spirit. The focus is on nourishing our inner strength and resilience. Women gain confidence in their ability to know their own needs and make choices that support their individual path to health.

As the founder of Mbodied.com, Katherine is the author of the multimedia program, The 7 Days to Radiant Health Cleanse, and the online program and ebook, Extreme Radiance 10-Day Detox. She also is the creator and host of the annual Menopause is a Trip Summit, which features Katherine’s interviews with experts on women’s health.

The Berkshires in Western Massachusetts is Katherine’s home base, along with her husband and her two dogs. She hikes, tangos, and reads for fun, and currently has one grandson!

To listen to another podcast where Katherine was interviewed regarding meditation and menopause, go to this link:  http://aboutmeditation.com/podcast/meditation-menopause/

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