0037 Curing Candida Infection Naturally – Pauline McCarthy

Pauline explains how she had an allergic reaction to a medicine that eradicates candida and was advised by her doctor that she should never take that medicine again. She then sought a natural way to cure any future candida infections and was introduced to the garlic method. Pauline explains how to use the garlic, not by eating it 🙂

Also Pauline announces the next retreat Dancing Through Menopause – Iceland Retreat which she will hold along with Melissa Matson who is a certified Alexander Technique practitioner. You are invited to sign up to the mailing list on menopausemorph.com to get more information about the retreat that will hopefully be in Novemer 2017 in a lovely small family run hotel just outside the small town of Borgarnes. The retreat will have lots of fun, movement, information about managing your menopause symptoms, fun sightseeing trips, oil painting, karaoke and lots of other fun things.