013 Improving memory with essential oils & avoiding toxins in the environment – Elin Hemnes

Elin Hemnes

This is part 2 of an extended interview. Elin talks about how essential oils can help us improve our memory during menopause and how to avoid toxins in our environment that are exacerbating our menopausal symptoms.

Elin Hemnes is a Holistic Wellness Coach in Oslo (Norway) who helps women get naturally healthier and more energetic using essential oils. Elin has for several years been helping women kicking bad health habits and introducing natural solutions, like essential oils, to live more vibrantly and happy. Elin started her journey as a Health & Wellness Coach, and has been teaching people about raw food & living food, and does a therapeutical treatment with essential oils, called AromaTouch. She has been travelling all over Scandianavia teaching and educating people about the power of essential oils, and now also teaches others how to share these valuable drops of oils with others to achieve more freedom and making an impact in the world.

To get a free 15 min Wellness Consult, please email her at elinhemnes@gmail.com . You can also join her open facebook group  Powerful Essential Oils , or check out her Norwegian website: http://www.gaverfrajorden.no

Find Elin on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elinhemnes1