019 Changing Careers During the Menopausal Years – Laura Simms



Laura Simms is an expert in modern, meaningful careers who challenges conventional wisdom by asking people to ditch their passions and start with purpose.

After struggling through her own career transition, Laura developed Your Career Homecoming, her signature career change process, to help people find careers that feel like home. This unorthodox curriculum sidesteps the familiar refrains to either “follow your passion” or “be practical” by emphasizing service, legacy, and each individual’s personal relationship to purpose.

Working with clients internationally, Laura is proving that the purpose-driven approach leads to meaningful, profitable careers. She reluctantly lives in Texas and loves spending time on the front porch with her husband, son, friends, and guitar.

In this episode Laura explains how finding a meaning in our new career is the driving force to a fulfilled life and talks about these points:

– Why you shouldn’t follow your passion
– How to find meaningful work
– What the new paradigm of work looks like today
– Practical steps to take when changing careers

Pauline gives some interesting examples of her own career changes during menopause and gives some heart warming stories about her father.

As an extra in this episode, Laura also gives us a lovely rendition of a lullaby she sings for her son.

You can find out more about Laura Simms at: http://www.withlaurasimms.com