Fit, Fun & Fabulous: Menopause Retreat

Borgarnes, Iceland

Are you having a problem with Hot Flushes and Night Sweats?

Memory Loss and Brain Fog?

Are Anxiety and Irritability causing problems at work, in your relationships, in your every day life?

Weight gain, especially around the middle?

Decreased interest in sex? Painful Sex?

At the Fit, Fun & Fabulous Menopause Retreat you will:


  • Learn how menopausal symptoms can be overcome and reversed.

  • Find ways to retrain your brain and a plan on rejuvenating your mental abilities.

  • Learn ways to cope with your emotions, moments of anxiety and self doubt. 

  • Be taught why you are gaining weight and natural techniques to lose those extra pounds.

  • Learn ways to rekindle your sex life and go home to your partner with romance in the air and no fear of pain.

  • Discover the natural ways to overcome hot flashes and night sweats or reduce them to bearable levels.

Beautiful Butterfly

This is going to be the week where your life will begin to change, it is your time to morph. It is scary, being in that chrysalis with our bodies hot and sticky and changing and not knowing what is ahead. On the Fit, Fun & Fabulous Menopause Retreat we will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and show you the beautiful butterfly that will emerge from the cocoon.

Isn’t it just the best place to be when you have one of those hot flashes ? Who hasn’t thought of sticking our heads in the freezer when one of those whopping hot flashes occurs! Joking aside, Iceland has been the home of the host of the Menopause Morph Podcast for the past 23 years. In the last few years Iceland has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. So now you have the opportunity to not just learn how to thrive through your menopause and beyond but also get a chance to see many of the amazing natural wonders of Iceland. Trips to the Secret Lagoon, the Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes peninsular, the highlights of Reykjavik and many more amazing sights of Iceland that Pauline can recommend to you.

So, Why Iceland?


We’ve spent most of our lives taking care of others, now as we reach the Change-of-Life its good to step back and ponder what we want to do with the second half of our lives. Take the time on the Fit, Fun & Fabulous Menopause Retreat to not just learn how to cope with the symptoms of menopause but really take the time to pause and examine what is working and not working in our lives. Time to recharge our batteries. Time to think about what is truly important in our lives at this stage. Then we can go back to our families and work place armed with techniques to combat those menopausal symptoms that had been upsetting us.  Use the meditation and yoga techniques to de-stress and get in physical and emotional shape. So what are you waiting for? Sign up below. Remember we can only take from 12 – 20 participants depending on if you want a single or double occupancy room. We expect the places to sell out fast. Why not make it an unforgettable experience for you and your friend and both come?

Then, to top that all off, there will be a fun karaoke night, yoga and mediation classes, delicious home cooked meals made with fresh, locally produced lamb, fish and vegetables (if you are vegetarian or vegan just let us know).


·         All food locally sourced from the Icelandic countryside. Free range eggs, lamb, fish, healthy and wholesome ingredients. (if you are vegetarian or vegan we can accommodate that)


·         Expert talks on how to reduce menopause symptoms naturally
·         A chance to have one-on-one advice from the resident Menopause Expert Alison Brown during meal times and on trips.
·         Guided joga and meditation
·         Self help program to guide you through the menopause and beyond.
·         Karaoke night

Optional Activities

·         visit to Reykjavik
·         Visit to Akranes and private concert in the Lighthouse (yes a real lighthouse with amazing accoustics)
·         Golden Circle Tour
·         Visit to the Secret Lagoon
·         Visit to Settlement Center Museum


·         Pick up and drop off at airport


Magdalena Hansen

Yoga and Meditation Teacher at the Hatha Yoga Centre, Kópavogur Iceland


Alison Brown

Alison Brown Menopause Expert. Founder of Menopause Magazine and The Change Explained.


Pauline McCarthy

Presenter of the Menopause Morph Podcast and the fun one woman stage show The Pearls of Pauline – Pearls of Wisdom, Compassion & Joy for Menopausal Women

Hotel Hafnarfjall is a small and cozy hotel and only has 15 rooms available. So the amount of people we can take is very limited and depends on wither you want a single occupancy room or a double occupancy room.
We will not take more than 20 participants as we want it to be an intimate experience where all participants get to know each other and have plenty of time to talk with the resident experts. Eight of the rooms have on suite bathrooms and the rest have shared bathrooms.



Prices for the Fit, Fun & Fabulous Menopause Retreat are in Icelandic Krona but the approximate prices in US Dollars, Euro’s and British Pounds are given below. (Please keep in mind that exchange rates can change on a daily basis.)  30% is payable upon booking and is non-refundable the other 70% is payable 6 weeks before the Workshop —- and is refundable up until —-. These prices are for the Workshop only. We have made a special deal with Hotel Hafnarfjall for accommodation, so you will get a discount on the regular prices. Please contact to book your room.

Fit, Fun & Fabulous Workshop price:

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